We appreciate everyone's patience as we work on getting our facility up and running.

As of now, the expected open date for our first facility is mid-October or early November. We had initially planned to be open by now, but the our agreement with the facility we were initially going to operate out of fell through.

As of this week though, we have found a new home for MineryTech's first colocation center. It is larger than the previous facility, and is in a location where we can expand quickly if necessary. Thankfully it will require much less build-out than the previous facility would have taken. We've only got to knock out a couple walls, add some conduit for power infrastructure, reconfigure the current electrical panels, add a few more points of ventilation, and we will hopefully be good to go. Our primary priority is getting the power and network infrastructure in place so that we can start accepting customers with an urgent need for hosting. 

Once we are near or at that point, we will update all necessary parties and we will start accepting shipments.

Again, thank you all for your patience,

The MineryTech Team

Saturday, October 7, 2017

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